Ex-Allianz executives rebrand SURA360 as ‘360 Underwriting Solutions’.

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Following the July announcement that former Allianz Australia Commercial GM Denis Morrissey and National Manager Key Partners Chris Lynch had purchased the 360 Commercial product from the AUB Group, the pair are now active in the day-to-day running of the business.

As Morrissey explains, one of the first tasks has been to rebrand the existing business under the new banner: 360 Underwriting Solutions. “The fundamentals (of SURA360) were very solid with a good product and a great team,” Morrissey says, pointing out the business is already performing ahead of expectations. “It’s helped Chris and I to focus a lot of energy on setting the strategic building blocks – including establishing the new 360 Underwriting brand and articulating our core business values.”

A key outcome of the rebranding process will see 360 Underwriting Solutions operate under a new positioning line:

Solutions you want. Service you expect. People you know.

“It’s a lot more than just words, it will guide us every day,” says Lynch. “360 Underwriting is committed to creating a set of values that anchor our business to its Brokers and their clients. From experience, we know these are things the market demands. The success of our business will flow directly from ‘thinking fast and acting faster’ – and that’s what we’re working hard to do.”

Big plans, bright future

360 Underwriting Solutions is a Broker-centric Underwriting Agency dedicated to the provision of specialist insurance solutions. To date, the cornerstone of the business has been the ‘360 Commercial’ product acquired from the AUB Group, delivering innovative cover for small and medium businesses, supported by a long-term partnership with CGU.

But as Morrissey is quick to point out, this is just the beginning. “The 360 Underwriting Solutions business model is flexible, nimble and highly versatile,” he says. “This is important because lets us partner with a range of industry specialists and capacity providers in a variety of insurance sectors – and do it very quickly.”

The latest such partnership has led to the recent launch of ‘360 Accident & Health.’ Working closely with its recently-appointed Executive Director and Co-Owner Peter Banks, 360 Underwriting Solutions is now able to deliver a range of Accident & Health Solutions for its Broker Partners.

“It’s just the first of many new solutions in the 360 portfolio,” adds Morrissey.



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