Who is 360 Construction & Engineering?

360 Construction & Engineering is the affordable and simple choice for quoting and binding Contract Works, Machinery and Electronic Equipment Insurance. Smaller contract values / turnovers up to $5,000,000. are able to access quick quote capability through our 360 Quick Construct product.

Every day, our market-leading online products deliver an enhanced insurance offering that truly sets us apart. Together with extensive experience and a deep commitment to service, it’s seen us earn a respected reputation throughout the industry.

Our professional team brings you broad expertise from both an underwriting and broking perspective. This puts us in the ideal position of understanding both your objectives as an Insurance Broker and the day-to-day support you require to service your clients.


All business is transacted electronically through our web system 360 Compass:

Please contact 360 Construction & Engineering should you wish to learn more or if you require any assistance in logging into the system.

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Powered by eSentry technology, 360 Compass Web-Portal allows Brokers to easily transact Contract Works, Machinery & Electronic Equipment for the whole life cycle of any policy.

What Makes 360 Construction & Engineering Different?

Simple online Quote and Bind System with an experienced Construction & Engineering Underwriting Team
Powered by the fast and efficient 360 Compass Web-Portal, powered by eSentry Technology, that you are accustomed to
We are always available to help with your enquiries and underwriting needs. Our extensive experience is coupled with tier one insurance security partners
Market-leading commissions & premiums offering broad policy coverage
Claim teams work closely with our underwriters to ensure smooth and stress-free settlement of your clients’ claims
We invest in our Broker relationship service with you. We are committed to adding value to your business by ensuring we continually deliver the most accurate insurance solutions for your clients, at the right price


360 Construction Features & Benefits

  • Estimated annual turnovers to $50,000,000 and total sum insured to $20,000,000 (higher limits available on referral)
  • Materials in Transit & Storage to full contract limit
  • Automatic cover for Display Homes up to $500,000 any one building, $50,000 contents, $1,500,000 in the aggregate
  • Automatic extensions for escalation costs, access costs, expediting expenses, mitigation, professional fees, removal of debris, search and locate
  • Speculative Building cover up to 90 days
  • Care Custody Control $100,000
  • Vibration Removal Weakening of Support up to Limit of liability as standard
  • Security of QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited

360 Quick Construct Features & Benefits 

  • Licensed Builders estimated annual turnovers to $5,000,000 and max CV to $5,000,000
  • Owner Builder projects up to $2,000,000.
  • Quick Quote provides instant indication of premium.
  • Automatic cover for materials in transit $100,000 Licenced Builders / $50,000 owner builders and storage $50,000
  • Automatic extensions for escalation costs, dewatering, plot ratio index and undamaged foundations
  • Contractual liability exclusion –writeback for usual contracts
  • Care Custody Control $250,000
  • Vibration Removal Weakening of Support up to Limit of liability as standard
  • Security of QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited for Section 1 Material Damage and Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s Section 2 Public Liability

360 Construction Policies & Documentation

360 Annual Construction Works Policy Wording


360 Single Construction Works Policy Wording


Is this Product suitable for you?

Please refer to our Target Market Determination (TMD) for more information.

Single Construction Works TMD

360 Machinery and Electronic Equipment Policy Wording


360 Annual Construction Renewal Declaration


Theft Prevention Flyer


NSW Stamp Duty Exemption Declaration Form


Construction Site Shutdown Checklist


360 Quick Construct Policies & Documentation

360 Quick Construct Annual Construction Policy Wording


360 Quick Construct Project Specific Policy Wording


360 Quick Construct Owner Builder Policy Wording


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